Are You Auditioning for Your Life?

Be honest with yourself, what do you do when friends, co-workers, or relatives tell you what you should or should not do about your life, health, career, relationships, etc? Do you immediately move to action to change what others say you should change? How does what others think about you affect your life? What happens to you that you immediately feel like you must work on what someone else pointed out in your life? Continue reading “Are You Auditioning for Your Life?”


Zindagi Ne Sikhaya Hamein

Zindagi ne sikhaya hamein,
Kissi par umeed na rakana,
Par rakana aithbar har kisi pe…

Zindagi ne sikhaya hamein,
Agar tum khud ko chaho gay,
To Har koi Continue reading “Zindagi Ne Sikhaya Hamein”