Over-Confidence harm for life……!!


Imagine a world where people lacked confidence. We would scarcely be able to face a new day, struggling to call the courage to show our work to our bosses or apply for a new job. Surgeons would be racked with doubt about upcoming operations. Military commanders would hesitate at key moments when decisiveness was essential. Politicians would be unable to defend their views against the constant hail of personal and intellectual criticism.

Confidence is so vital even for the mundane activities of everyday life that we take it for granted. But it also looms large when we try to explain achievements that are out of the ordinary. Confidence is widely held to be an almost magic ingredient of success in sports, entertainment, business, the stock market, combat and many other domains.

At the same time, confidence can be dangerous. Like fire, it can be extremely useful in controlled amounts, but confidence in excess—overconfidence—can easily burn out of control and cause costly decision-making errors, policy failures, and wars. Continue reading “Over-Confidence harm for life……!!”



I have just been tagged by ALPANA JAISWAL in “MEME”. she is a prominent writer of “MOTIFS ON THE ALL”………………..http://www.motifsonthewall.blogspot.com/2011/04/meme.html

it is an honor for me. hope i give my hundred percent to the degree of appreciation by being tagged. As per tradition the person tagged in “MEME” has to answer a questionnaire and i am going to do it with pure clarity.

Q1. If you could go back in time to relive one moment, what would it be?

The one moment i think of reliving again and again is the day on which moment I got the master degree with distinction after my teachers leave the hope for passing the degree successfully but I accepted challenge and completed with more power and gain more than requires.

Q2. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?

I want to go back in time and change the situation and mistakes done at my childhood and my parents are hurt by me.And I want to give back the smile to my parents that I given during my childhood due to my aggressive mischiefs…… Continue reading “MEME”

Body Language in a Handshake

Handshakes are gestures of acknowledgement and greeting that provide important clues about the other person. Recognise these signs and put your own best hand forward.

When you shake hands, grasp the hand firmly. The power of your grip will convey your confidence. Make eye contact but keep handshake an arm’s distance away.Shake the other person’s hand a couple of times, pause briefly, then drop the hand. Use your smile, eyes and tone of voice to convey a positive message. Observe the shake you are receiving. What can it tell you about the other person?

Different Types of Handshakes

The In-Control Shake : The initiator wants to convey a message of being in control. He’ll grab your hand with his right and place his left over the shake like a glove. He’ll want to show you he’s trustworthy but you’ll feel overpowered and probably uncomfortable.

The Bone-Crushing Shake : If he doesn’t pull your arm out of its socket, he’ll definitely break your fingers! You’re right to be on your guard. He’s sending a message: Continue reading “Body Language in a Handshake”