Live happy…..!!

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We all need to live happy life. Each and every moments we all try to find the way to live happy. We always think that there are so many problems in our life how can I be happy but here I am presenting some simple tips with hope of that tips will help you in real sense to live happy. I am not saying that I live happy always and every time. But more over I make my life happy in any situation to live better. One thing I know that if you live happy yourself you find always happy people around you. Means simply which way you live you get back same from god. Happiness doesn’t mean that you keep smile on your face every time but you have to become satisfy what you gain in life. Try hard to get what’s your goal or you desire. But don’t be unhappy Continue reading “Live happy…..!!”


Garbha sanskar

What is Garbha sanskar?

The Sanskrit word Garbha means foetus in the womb and Sanskar means educating the mind. So, Garbha sanskar essentially means educating the mind of the foetus. Traditionally, in our culture, it is believed that value-based parenting begins when the child is conceived rather than after the child is born. That is why well-meaning elders in the family talk about the importance of positive thoughts and emotions during pregnancy.

In fact, our ancient scriptures talk about a warrior named Abhimanyu learning the art of penetrating a battle formation, while still in the womb, by listening to his father Arjuna speak about it to his mother.

Is there scientific evidence to prove Garbha sanskar is beneficial?

Lately Garbha sanskar has grown more popular due to scientific evidence that proves its importance and relevance in the development of a child. Research has proven that more than 60 percent of the baby’s brain development occurs in theintrauterine period. Additionally, studies have shown that an unborn baby has the ability to listen and respond to outside stimulus. As such, doctors and experts believe that hormonal secretions triggered by your thoughts can Continue reading “Garbha sanskar”

What Do Girls Really Want on Valentines’ Day?

This has always been a headache for the guys, having to crack their brain just each and every year to come up with some creative gift ideas… And to be coming up with just more and new ideas is definitely not easy.

Running out of ideas?

Ha, what to do? Girls are after all just always more emotional when compared to guys. Valentines’ Day to them is certainly a day of great significant. And well, though Valentines’ Day is supposed to be a day meant for the both, the limelight would just be on them somehow, isn’t it? They just somehow seem to be the main lead on that very day. Continue reading “What Do Girls Really Want on Valentines’ Day?”