Live happy…..!!

Hey friends,

We all need to live happy life. Each and every moments we all try to find the way to live happy. We always think that there are so many problems in our life how can I be happy but here I am presenting some simple tips with hope of that tips will help you in real sense to live happy. I am not saying that I live happy always and every time. But more over I make my life happy in any situation to live better. One thing I know that if you live happy yourself you find always happy people around you. Means simply which way you live you get back same from god. Happiness doesn’t mean that you keep smile on your face every time but you have to become satisfy what you gain in life. Try hard to get what’s your goal or you desire. But don’t be unhappy Continue reading “Live happy…..!!”


What is satsang (सत्संग)?

A simple definition of satsang is devotional speech and chanting programs for the upliftment of the divine love consciousness of a devotee. divine love consciousness is the consciousness of the closeness of Radha Krishna (or any personal form of God), when a devotee lovingly remembers His name, form, virtues or leelas (playful actions). satsang also includes an opportunity for darshan of the Deities of God. A Deity is a statue of God or Goddess specially made Continue reading “What is satsang (सत्संग)?”

The spiritual place

I hope the pages in this section of my web site will be a source of encouragement, inspiration, and love for everyone.  I am dedicating this very “special” place to someone very dear to me and to whom I have always admired and looked up to with much respect and love.

This article is a dedication to my dear friends, who are my Continue reading “The spiritual place”