Body Language in a Handshake

Handshakes are gestures of acknowledgement and greeting that provide important clues about the other person. Recognise these signs and put your own best hand forward.

When you shake hands, grasp the hand firmly. The power of your grip will convey your confidence. Make eye contact but keep handshake an arm’s distance away.Shake the other person’s hand a couple of times, pause briefly, then drop the hand. Use your smile, eyes and tone of voice to convey a positive message. Observe the shake you are receiving. What can it tell you about the other person?

Different Types of Handshakes

The In-Control Shake : The initiator wants to convey a message of being in control. He’ll grab your hand with his right and place his left over the shake like a glove. He’ll want to show you he’s trustworthy but you’ll feel overpowered and probably uncomfortable.

The Bone-Crushing Shake : If he doesn’t pull your arm out of its socket, he’ll definitely break your fingers! You’re right to be on your guard. He’s sending a message: Continue reading “Body Language in a Handshake”


The Value of Time

It is a bad thing if we constantly obsess over time. But sometimes, we need to be conscious of it. The reason for this is simply because we don’t get time back. Whatever position you happen to be in, ask yourself some serious questions. In the past, have you used time wisely? On a scale of 1-10, how much do you put value to time? Do you go about the day not even worrying about the time that passes by?

Most people won’t worry about time passing by. This is because Continue reading “The Value of Time”

Is love really blind?

Shakespeare wrote “But love is blind, and lovers cannot see. The pretty follies that themselves commit.” It’s such a romantic quote and might have been true also. But in today’s world do people still believe in it?

Love might have been blind, deaf and maybe dumb too a few years ago but in today’s world it’s a different story. Nobody wants to fall in love blindly with someone who is below their standard and class. These days love also has class. A high-class girl or boy will fall in love with a person from the same class; after all it’s a prestige issue. What will there friends think about them if they date a person from lower class? And if they belong to the same class then it’s easier for them to fit into each others lifestyle. A middle class person will go for a person from the same class because they’ll understand each other’s problems etc. Continue reading “Is love really blind?”