Women – A god’s great creation

This is in respect to all the women of this world on “International day of women – 8th March” By hearing the woman, the whole universe can be imagined. From time immemorial, woman is always known for the divine qualities – Selflessness, Forgiveness and Love.

It is told that behind every successful man, there is a women. “But in my case, it is the reverse. (But am I successful..??  hope I will be).” A mother can struggled through the difficult years post the death of her husband, when I was a boy. she lived alone for three years, in her age of 60s, when her child got  into post graduation in at a far away place. A sister is always supportive and caring. A wife left her high earning job just to marry me and to be with me. Even during her labour pains, she did not forget to ask whether her husband had taken his breakfast.A daughter has come to my life to fill it with joy and happiness.So A woman is Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter all role can play by a single person with joy and faithfully.

Imagine, where a men would have been, without these.

The amount of influence they had in shaping up men’s mind and injecting kindness to men’s overall personality can not be described with words.If Holy Mother Shri Sharada Devi was not there, then there would have been no “Swamy Vivekananda“. Continue reading “Women – A god’s great creation”


Childhood vs. Adulthood

When I was a kid I was always in a hurry to grow up and be an adult.  Now that I’m an adult, being a kid doesn’t seem so bad.

  • When you’re a kid you don’t have to worry about anything.  You want food?  Viola!  There it is.  Cooked and ready for the taking.
  • Who cares about money and paying for bills?   You have no financial responsibilities whatsoever, your biggest problem is trying to figure out how to stay up past your bed time.
  • And while we’re on the subject of sleeping, Continue reading “Childhood vs. Adulthood”