The Value of Time

It is a bad thing if we constantly obsess over time. But sometimes, we need to be conscious of it. The reason for this is simply because we don’t get time back. Whatever position you happen to be in, ask yourself some serious questions. In the past, have you used time wisely? On a scale of 1-10, how much do you put value to time? Do you go about the day not even worrying about the time that passes by?

Most people won’t worry about time passing by. This is because Continue reading “The Value of Time”


Sharing Your Love Promise

Within every relationship there is sharing. The personal sharing of hopes, wishes, dreams, desires, emotional feelings, pains, frustrations, and fears. A marriage relationship is a catalyst for the sharing of love. The sharing in our relationships works on us from the inside out. Because we humans struggle with selfishness, our relationships require us to give of ourselves, sharing our most precious asset, which is our time. In order to love we must share, our relationships infuse otherness, and teach us that sharing is caring.

A marriage relationship is intended to be the deepest form of sharing, sharing in communication, sharing of material items, sharing a home or residence, and the sharing of ourselves both emotionally and intimately. All this sharing is meant to develop an ever-deepening permanent bond between partners and to encourage us to become Continue reading “Sharing Your Love Promise”

Life in balance

All of us on the planet aspire to a life in balance – to balance our outgo with our income,
our heads with our hearts,
individual needs with societal needs.
When this delicate balance is won,
We hit the jackpot – happiness
by Purnima Yogi

‘42-year-old IT professional dies while jogging’

‘12-year-old commits suicide after corporal punishment’

‘Yet another honour killing in Bihar: Lovers hacked to death’

average headlines in our daily newspapers these days. On and on, the depressing news reports go. Page after page, day after day, Continue reading “Life in balance”