Know what is April fools’ Day

There are many different theories about the origin and history of April Fools Day. However, most of them are just theories. There is no real evidence to point to any single individual or event.

The 16th Century French Calendar

One theory is that it originated in France. In 1564, the government decided to move the New Year from March 31 to January 1. Whether it was by decree or just something the people thought of, jokes and pranks were concocted on those who refused to adjust or forgot the new date.

The most popular prank was to place paper fish on the rear of these folks. They were known as Poisson d’Avril (April Fish). The history of April Fools Day thus began in France, according to this theory.

Spring Festivals

Some researchers feel that its origins can be traced to the spring festivals celebrated by various ancient cultures. In ancient civilizations it was marked by playfulness, merry-making and jokes. Roles of masters and servants were reversed and the roles of parents and children interchanged. These practices may have originated in Roman times. Eventually it spread to Europe and became the event we know today.

Some of the Roman festivals that may have influenced Continue reading “Know what is April fools’ Day”


A message to youth before valentine’s day…!

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate the gift of love and relationship. But in celebrating,it is important to remember that relationships aren’t easy.

There is not a single human who ever lived whose life has not been touched by relationship strife of some form or another.

Indeed the degree to which relationship disharmony impacts Continue reading “A message to youth before valentine’s day…!”

Rose – A Beautiful Expression of Love on Valentine’s Day

Flowers are a beautiful symbol of expression. They are a true representative of all emotions related to human nature. Thus, flowers are an indispensable gifting idea when it comes any occasion which celebrates our heartfelt emotions. And especially so when the occasion is the one celebrating one of the most alluring feelings among all of human emotions, love. Therefore, it is but natural that flowers have become an integral part of the occasion of Valentine’s Day since a long time.

Though there are many varieties of flowers like daisies, irises, daffodils that can be gifted on Valentine’s Day. But, the rose wins hand down when it comes to popularity and relevance as far as the occasion goes. The word rose has come from the Latin word rosa meaning red, and the flower has been a symbol of love since ancient times. Rose Continue reading “Rose – A Beautiful Expression of Love on Valentine’s Day”