World Heart Day….. ♥

Hey Friends,
Seasonal Greetings,

Hope You all are fine and your most valuable part of body “Heart” is also well. Today all world celebrating heart day. So I also think to give some glimpse to all my friends about heart……So here it is….

Heart disease is becoming very common these days. More and more people are falling victim to this killer disease. In case you want to prevent being the next victim then you Continue reading “World Heart Day….. ♥”


Live happy…..!!

Hey friends,

We all need to live happy life. Each and every moments we all try to find the way to live happy. We always think that there are so many problems in our life how can I be happy but here I am presenting some simple tips with hope of that tips will help you in real sense to live happy. I am not saying that I live happy always and every time. But more over I make my life happy in any situation to live better. One thing I know that if you live happy yourself you find always happy people around you. Means simply which way you live you get back same from god. Happiness doesn’t mean that you keep smile on your face every time but you have to become satisfy what you gain in life. Try hard to get what’s your goal or you desire. But don’t be unhappy Continue reading “Live happy…..!!”

My view on Real Beauty……!!

When I was child I always wonder whats is beauty??? My parents taught me that beauty never seen but it has to be feel. Once I grow up and my hormones reflect on my nature I saw a girls around me and attract towards them just seeing the outer beauty. They wear the attractive outfit & makeup on face and create a phony smiley face. They only looked pretty. Their beauty is only on surface. And few of them I really went close to them and found that they are character less at the time my mind think about the beauty of her face cuteness & innocence of the girl whom I looked from far. Even with the best makeup, hairstyle, and outfit they are looking good but someone wearing expensive and attractive outfit can also looks good.

After long time I met a girl who looks simple and she did makeup occasionally. I think whats in this girl. Her smile is a shining beacon for all who come in contact. But when I feel her by heart and fall in love with her. At that time I just recall my parents wording beauty comes from inside.

From that day I prefer to see person’s inner beauty. Not attract by outer beauty. Another incident also make me understand that Outer beauty is for some days/month/year. But your inner beauty remains till your last breath. And even people can see it after your death also.

I am talking about inner beauty so much time but you think that what is inner beauty. In my simple word I want to say that inner beauty is real beauty in the world. Beauty is not what you see on the front page of a Vogue magazine. Never compare yourself with the painted picture “the image”, the artificial image which is driving us to be so critical about the way we look. Continue reading “My view on Real Beauty……!!”