Secrets of LOVE

Love….?? What is it? Can you explain the feeling in words that can understand by others? Both the question has same answer “No”.Than all the poet and writer who write about love do you know that they had fall in love or not. We can feel our Parents love, Friends love but can’t explain it in simple words because “The feeling can’t be express by words. It has to be feel own self”. That’s true. I know every people interested in feeling, reading, and be a part of love.

I know well that every people want to feel the love only few can understand the actual meaning of love in life. And specially today’s youth who mean the love just only romance and entertainment in their life. I appeal to read this article to all the youth people with open mind and put beside your belief and thoughts about love aside. So you can know the secret of the love. This ten points of love secrets I mentioned from my experience of love in life. Continue reading “Secrets of LOVE”


Be Tension Free

We all feel stressed at some time in our life. We may feel frustrated, tense, depressed, and stressed out. Sometimes we feel we cannot physically bear any more tension. It begins affecting our mood, emotions, and physical health. The result of stress and tension can be headaches.

We all have had stress or tension headaches because of circumstances beyond our control. So what can we do to relieve stress and tension and avoid that headache or serious migraine?

The Biggest Problem Now a day is How to be tension Free. So ,Friends Continue reading “Be Tension Free”