Live Fearlessly

How many times have you heard someone say that they are real, only to discover they were not revealing even half of who they really were on the inside? Ask yourself what areas in your own skin do you wish you had the courage to reveal to the world?

I believe that you must live your life without letting fear control you. Fear is a state of mind. Fear can come from many things. From something as small as a spider to something as big as a huge mountain. Living fearlessly means facing and overcoming your fears. Everyone has some fear. It affects some of us more that others.

If you face your fears, you will be able to overcome them. I was in a car accident several years ago where my vehicle was hit almost head on by another vehicle. Continue reading “Live Fearlessly”


Real Love

Real Love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves. Real Love is unaffected by the mistakes and flaws of the people we love. When they give us nothing in return — including gratitude — or even when they’re thoughtless and inconsiderate, we’re not disappointed, hurt, or angry, because our concern is for their happiness. Real Love is unconditional.

It’s Real Love when someone cares about our happiness Continue reading “Real Love”