Choose Your Smile: 10 Smile Types

A smile is a facial face with the upward contours at the ends of your mouth. A recent research has identified the ten main kinds of smile, each on its own connoting a uncommon type of emotion.

Most smiles are pleased signs. They speak of joy, happiness, like or even pride. Though, there are smiles that can also be an compulsory face of anxiety, otherwise known as the frown, or an face of embarrassment in a sheepish sort of way.

1. The Heartfelt Smile. This is known as the honest from the heart, real and sincere smile. The right and impulsive feelings of pure joy, gladness, happiness, Continue reading “Choose Your Smile: 10 Smile Types”


Are you really bored?


  • Form a detective agency to find out who is quitting next.
  • Make blank calls to your Boss.
  • Send mails from lotus notes (outlook) to your internet mail (and immediately get to the internet and see who reaches first, you or your mail?) and read them there, and note down the time they take to reach there. Then do vice versa.
  • Rearrange the furniture, i.e. flick someone else’s chair just to irritate him/her.
  • Count your fingers (and toes if you still get bored).
  • Watch other people changing Continue reading “Are you really bored?”