Save nature to stop global warming…!

The biggest challenge that mankind is facing in this century is “global warming” and there is a “global warning” given by scientist to save our earth.

It has become a big cry from every corner of the world “Save nature to stop global warming”, every nation, every forums, every where and in every thing they discuss about this global warming and how to save our earth from this biggest threat. Scientists had laid down the root cause for this situation as the increase in the amount of carbon DI oxide let out on the atmosphere by our industries and automobiles. If this is going to continue we may loose our land to oceans and the indifferent climate conditions may also lead to new unknown diseases, which may challenge the medical world. Now it self we have started to feel the impact of this global warming. It is not an issue with the scientists alone, every individual can join hands in this global mission on “How to save our mother earth from global warming”, and i have listed something below. Continue reading “Save nature to stop global warming…!”


Life in balance

All of us on the planet aspire to a life in balance – to balance our outgo with our income,
our heads with our hearts,
individual needs with societal needs.
When this delicate balance is won,
We hit the jackpot – happiness
by Purnima Yogi

‘42-year-old IT professional dies while jogging’

‘12-year-old commits suicide after corporal punishment’

‘Yet another honour killing in Bihar: Lovers hacked to death’

average headlines in our daily newspapers these days. On and on, the depressing news reports go. Page after page, day after day, Continue reading “Life in balance”

"The Colors of Friendship"

Once upon a time,
The colors of the world
Started to quarrel.
All claimed they were the best,
The most important,
The most useful,
The favorite.

GREEN” said,
“Clearly I am the most important …
I am the sign of life and of hope;
I was chosen for grass, trees and leaves,
Without me, all animals Continue reading “"The Colors of Friendship"”