My view on Real Beauty……!!

When I was child I always wonder whats is beauty??? My parents taught me that beauty never seen but it has to be feel. Once I grow up and my hormones reflect on my nature I saw a girls around me and attract towards them just seeing the outer beauty. They wear the attractive outfit & makeup on face and create a phony smiley face. They only looked pretty. Their beauty is only on surface. And few of them I really went close to them and found that they are character less at the time my mind think about the beauty of her face cuteness & innocence of the girl whom I looked from far. Even with the best makeup, hairstyle, and outfit they are looking good but someone wearing expensive and attractive outfit can also looks good.

After long time I met a girl who looks simple and she did makeup occasionally. I think whats in this girl. Her smile is a shining beacon for all who come in contact. But when I feel her by heart and fall in love with her. At that time I just recall my parents wording beauty comes from inside.

From that day I prefer to see person’s inner beauty. Not attract by outer beauty. Another incident also make me understand that Outer beauty is for some days/month/year. But your inner beauty remains till your last breath. And even people can see it after your death also.

I am talking about inner beauty so much time but you think that what is inner beauty. In my simple word I want to say that inner beauty is real beauty in the world. Beauty is not what you see on the front page of a Vogue magazine. Never compare yourself with the painted picture “the image”, the artificial image which is driving us to be so critical about the way we look.

You should never compare yourself with others; always compare yourself to whom you are willing to be. You are unique and special in so many ways; all you need to do is find your real beauty. The way you feel about yourself no matter what size, shape or age you are.

There will always be someone prettier, healthier, and wealthier, the key to happiness is being happy with what you have now and only compare yourself to whom you are willing to be!

Real beauty is to know more about you, gathering knowledge on how to be confident with what you have, what you’ve got to offer; this is the key to real beauty.

To become a real beauty just follow simple rules in life given below :

  • Invest your time to understand yourself.
  • Make some meaningful changes in life that make you really beautiful.
  • Look at people with positive attitude.
  • Always think as you are.
  • Always remember that if your ugly for someone than you must be real beauty for another one.
  • Just give time to life to find the real beauty in you.
  • Last and final : Become real human that automatically creates you beautiful in world.

As per my thoughts Aishwarya Rai is not beautiful as much as Mother Teresa.

Beauty is in person’s heart not on face. Find beautiful heart than pretty face.


29 Replies to “My view on Real Beauty……!!”

  1. Hi Harshel. I appreciate that you could see the reality of how beauty of yhe heart is real beauty and it not only lasts but it can also grow whereas external has a lifespan. Not all men can go for the beuty of the heart and are struck by the fake made up beuties of the world. I congratulate you on your wisdom! Do visit my post for the reply to your comment

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