Stupid I took loads of time to thank!!

Hello!! Bloggers friend Suresh Shrestha

(Owner of in your footsteps and waving feelings)

I m so thankful for your statements: “Here are you bloggers with your blogs that have charmed me!!” After reading this statement my expressions were Wooh!!! Me mean my blog is it really true.. I m stealing your lines as my expressions r exactly same… No doubt your Stylish Blogger Award gift is really winsome!!Overwhelmed with joys, I have felt friendship the greatest and nothing else!!!

I’m not very quick to express (Reasoned in Seven random facts of mine #2) thanx for making time so beautiful… For sure it’s all my pleasure to accept this beautiful gift from wonderful soul like u!!!!

As one of the terms or rules, I have tried to share
SEVEN RANDOM FACTS about myself.
Here they are:
  1. I always feel I am for others and always love the all people.But I love my parents first who brings me in the world to serve people.
  2. I am good listener but very short tempered person sometime I become aggressive on such a silly matter and do mistakes again & again.
  3. I am crystal heart person always clear the matter from my side and always live clear to all people.
  4. Concept on Living on the earth is just for to serve the people and my great parents to the high extend level. Don’t want to be cheated by anyone but this is life and it happens with us without knowingly.But I can accept the situation and live always happy.
  5. I love the person who love me, I love the person who hate me. Both are equally positioned in my life.Because Who hate me they teach me about the life. & who love me they prevent me from the scary facts or harmful things done by my enemy.
  6. I never abuse anyone in life never openly not in my mind. I always try to understand why he/she had done such a foolish thing.????
  7. I love god who manage the earth without interacting with anyone directly and gives all people sooner or later everything that they desire.Personally I think that no one can bad pray to god for others.

As per another condition:

Here are you bloggers with your blogs which I loved always to read with respect of your expressions!!

Now let me offer you all CONGRATULATIONS and request you to have a post with the award presented above and take some pains in writing 7 random facts about yourselves and pass the AWARD to other bloggers who you believe deserve it.

9 Replies to “Stupid I took loads of time to thank!!”

  1. So sweet of you harshal….thanks for award…

    and i liked all the facts about you…especially 1st, 4th, 6th and 7th..

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Harshal Thanks for such lovely award 😀 wow simply superb!!!
    I love the person who love me, I love the person who hate me …impressive !! really:) ..I am like this only …Keep smiling and God Bless 🙂

  3. hey guys….something wrong here…i can be any thing, butttttt STYLiSH….???….anyways thanks Harshal, Going to display it at my place with ur link…:))

    Congrats for well deserved award, and yes even i like listening others, it makes us to learn a lot…:))

    Best wishes,

  4. life feels great with friends like you. you are just amazing with your thoughts, with your honest effort, with your good work. love you a lot, Harshal. my naming goes right, NEPTUNE HERO.

  5. Harshal! Thanks a lot for the award! And I liked the 7 facts about you. Really sweet and honest nature you have.

    I am happy to have friend like you,. (Sorry today I have cold and fever,so not writing the way always write. )

    Keep writing!

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