I have just been tagged by ALPANA JAISWAL in “MEME”. she is a prominent writer of “MOTIFS ON THE ALL”………………..

it is an honor for me. hope i give my hundred percent to the degree of appreciation by being tagged. As per tradition the person tagged in “MEME” has to answer a questionnaire and i am going to do it with pure clarity.

Q1. If you could go back in time to relive one moment, what would it be?

The one moment i think of reliving again and again is the day on which moment I got the master degree with distinction after my teachers leave the hope for passing the degree successfully but I accepted challenge and completed with more power and gain more than requires.

Q2. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?

I want to go back in time and change the situation and mistakes done at my childhood and my parents are hurt by me.And I want to give back the smile to my parents that I given during my childhood due to my aggressive mischiefs……

Q3.What movie or T.V character you think you resemble the most in personality?

Ohh….I am very cheerful person and don’t want to resemble with any of charcter from movie or T.V as I am happy with my own unique unmatched characteristics.Yeah if any movie or T.V character want to become like me than they can I don’t have any objection…..But I just love myself what I am.

Q4.Which movie or T.V character would you love to be.

I would love to be RANCHO in 3 Idiots movie because the character suits my personality…..

Q5.If you could push the one person in the whole world of a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?

Oh! its not a part of me. i have faced a lot of harshness of the unpredictable, unstoppable changing world. still i have learnt to adjust myself accordingly. no personal revenge.

Q6.Name one habit you need to change in yourself.

I think I have to learn so much thing from this world…..but as a question I would like to change one bad habit of me is to publicize my self everywhere and trust on every people easily have to change because due to that I had suffer a lot in my past but still I can’t change successfully.

Q7. Describe yourself in one word.


Q8. Describe the person who named you MEME in one word.

Sancheeta Biswas

Q9. Why do you blog?

I am blogging just spread the voice of my mind to world and make aware all people to whom I am believing a friend and a family member to become devotional person in world and stop ruin the world more…..

Q10. Name at least 3 people or more people to send this “MEME” and then inform them.

I am tagging some of my blogger friends. please follow up and continue the chain of answering the questionnaire.

  2. Sancheeta Biswas
  3. Geeta Singh
  4. Mohini Puranik
  5. Melissa Tandoc
  6. Arti
  7. Varsha
  8. Sayed Khadri
  9. Irfan Uddin

Q11. Link back to the person who tagged you in this “MEME”.

“the essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is sensitivity.”i am grateful to the person who catalyzed my art of living and she is Sancheeta Biswas. THANK YOU, so much.


7 Replies to “MEME”

  1. so Harshal tell me how did you feel like answering the questions? i guess it was not at all tough for you. keep life going, meeting good friends and thus building a sense of togetherness. last but not the least thanks for your recognition.

    1. Yeap…..
      sancheeta biswas I like to give the answers and feel relax while answering the questions….and thanks for tagging me in the chain I love this different post on my blog….

  2. Thanks a lot..Harshal,I love your answers..And anyone who wants to become Ranch..has be a rocking person..I am happy that I have come across you..and your thoughts. And I am sure you are a lovable person…

    1. Hey Alpana Thanks a lot…….Actually I think and I am surely lovable person and now you are my friend you will definitely find the lovable behavior in me…..and for compliments thanks a lot…Ohh 1 rule in my life is that I never say thanks and sorry to my friends…..Soooo from next I will not say that formal word……..Nice to meet you and want to meet you again and again….

  3. Thanks a lot! You are such a sweet friend, When I saw your blog and read couple of articles, sent you the friends’ request. Rarely it happens, I am not much social. But I felt such a sweetness in your writing, I just love it. Thanks thanks thanks for being my sweeeet frined please be aways !

    1. off-course mohini I will be your friend till I live…….for complimenting my writing I can just share a smile with you…. 🙂

      As I believe that in friendship no sorry no thanks……..And in friend you have to order not to pleased me………Yaar….

      So Cheer………….


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