Save nature to stop global warming…!

The biggest challenge that mankind is facing in this century is “global warming” and there is a “global warning” given by scientist to save our earth.

It has become a big cry from every corner of the world “Save nature to stop global warming”, every nation, every forums, every where and in every thing they discuss about this global warming and how to save our earth from this biggest threat. Scientists had laid down the root cause for this situation as the increase in the amount of carbon DI oxide let out on the atmosphere by our industries and automobiles. If this is going to continue we may loose our land to oceans and the indifferent climate conditions may also lead to new unknown diseases, which may challenge the medical world. Now it self we have started to feel the impact of this global warming. It is not an issue with the scientists alone, every individual can join hands in this global mission on “How to save our mother earth from global warming”, and i have listed something below.

  1. Automobiles stay ahead of everything in the emission of carbon, so as for as possible try to avoid using your automobile for short distances.
  2. Instead of everybody using their own vehicle if some of you are working in the same area and living in the same area you can share one vehicle.
  3. Now everything can be done through net instead of going to the banks, stations, markets and etc you can do the same by sitting at your home in front of your system.
  4. You can reduce the usage of your refrigerator, If you think that how much my refrigerator is going stand as a cause, don’t see as one refrigerator of your home count the no of refrigerators around the world in each home and shops, Hotels etc,.
  5. Start using the recycle base articles, change from plastic to paper.
  6. We can change ourselves to use cotton cloths than silk rayon cloths.
  7. As much as possible use cotton bags or paper bags than plastic bags.
  8. Instead of searching for a solution how to destroy the used batteries, start using rechargeable batteries.
  9. The waste water that is been let out in the process of leather tanning process spoils the soil and its fertility either we should reuse the water through water treatment plants or we should avoid using leather articles.
  10. Let us avoid use and throw articles in our daily uses because almost 90 percent of these kind of articles are being made of plastics.
  11. Let us grow at least a tree in every house.
  12. To stop the forests getting destroyed, the heart of mother nature you can simply avoid using wooden articles.
  13. Attend all your vehicles schedule check ups without fail, to Keep your vehicles in good condition and intact.
  14. Give special attention to the carburetor, and silencer of your vehicle.
  15. Scientists say even the chemicals used for domestic cleaning also destroys the atmosphere since use soda, lemon and vinegar instead of the chemicals.

We can teach our children how to love nature and how important it is to safeguard the world.Instead of keeping them a big asset it is very important for us to keep a wonderful natural and healthy world for them to enjoy their life. It is-true improvements is unavoidable but we can avoid destroying the earth for it is not our permanent property for us to enjoy on our own as we wish. we are only sharing and it should handed over to the following generation with the same way how we got it from our predecessor.

I also welcome more ideas that we can share to join hands in this mission.

When the whole world is searching for new ways and means to fight global warming, an Indian agricultural scientist, Dr. N. Bharathi, said bamboo was a practical atmospheric carbon absorbing plant. He added, ” It is the fastest and least expensive way to solve the problems of carbon-dioxide emission and water pollution.”

Bamboo absorbs carbon-dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere three to four times higher than many other trees. Bamboo also enriches the soil naturally and prevents soil erosion and effectively cleans the water pollution of of the septic tank discharge and factory effluent by its natural affinity for nitrogen, phosphorus and heavy metals. One mature Bheema Bamboo (Bambusa Balocava) would absorb above 500 kgs of carbon-dioxide.

A few more : With the number of natural disasters growing high everyday, it is almost as if the earth is crying out loud for our help. Statistics have put an eight year timer on the time – bomb that is now our planet.

Become a part of your school, college, office, or your residential area’s environment clubs. Participate in activities to clean up the city you live in.

Garbage lying around begins to ro6t and plays a huge role in polluting the soil, air and water the very basic essentials that we require to live. Picking up garbage and throwing it in dustbins is a great way to start living clean. Try to composite kitchen waste and other organic wastes. This composite is also a great fertilizer and it helps reduce the amount of trash that you send to your local garbage dump.

Follow this three important three green rules :

1. Reduce 2. Reuse and 3. Recycle

Follow this three rules strictly so that you can reduce the amount of waste by knowing which items are recyclable. For example, cardboard, paper and glass are all recyclable materials, and once they have been recycled, they can be reused.

Beautiful World :

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Use cloth bags or jute bags to carry groceries or other items. Stop immediately using paper or plastic bags or materials that cannot be recycled. If you are made to use paper or plastic bags, ensure that you get them recycled so that they can be reused.

When on market, look for the three arrows that make a circle denoting recyclable material. That way you know the products which you are buying can be recycled and will help protect the environment.

Climate change is mainly brought about by the release of toxic green house gases like carbon dioxide into the air. The best way to reduce this greenhouse gases is to grow more trees which use these gases for their food making process. Plant fresh saplings in your park, office, school, college, or your garden and if possible make a community planting by joining hands with your friends, family and your neighbours. Help the earth, breathe.

Vehicular pollution is the most major cause of air pollution in big cities. While no one is saying stop driving cars, but you can be smart about it.

Walk or use public transport whenever you are going to a nearby place or to office. Carpooling, or even riding a bicycle is a great way to cut down both fuel costs and usage and pollution and also help you keep fit.

If you aren’t using electrical appliances switch them off. Leaving them on only contributes to the loss of more and more precious fuel resources.

Don’t use more water than you need, and now that the rainy season on the corner adopt rain water harvesting to help raise ground water levels.

Can we justify to destroy such a beauty – think once.


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