My Dear Friends (My Trusted Circle),

Today, I want to share with you all, a short story, that I heard yesterday from a Holy Man, who was giving us people some sermons. I honestly have been TRULLY MOVED by this story and I think, I should pass on this beautiful story to everyone I know and you too do the same please. Make this World a Better Place to Live In.

Here goes the story……

There was a garden in which there were many Roses. All the Roses were Red, Yellow, Pink and other pretty colors, except for 1 Rose, which was ‘White.

This White Rose, used to feel very bad about being White and not being a beautiful Red like the other Roses in the garden. And she would always cry out and ask God, ‘why HE did not make her also Red and why he made her a Plain White’.

One day, a Sparrow came flying in the garden. He saw this White Rose, and immediately fell in Love with the White Rose. The whole day, they chatted and talked and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. At the end of the evening, the Sparrow realised, that he Wanted to be with this beautiful White Rose all his Life. And so he Proposed to her and asked her to marry him.

The White Rose was Happy, but she told the Sparrow, that she would marry him, Only If, she became a Red Rose.

The sparrow flew back to his nest and the whole night he was pondering what to do to help his Dearest Friend, his White Rose, to become Red, as she wanted…..

Morning came and as the first rays of sunlight fell on the garden, the White Rose woke up and spread her petals out. Then to her SURPRISE, she saw that she had changed into a Red Color Rose. She was so Happy and started Dancing for joy, looking at her lovely Red Petals……………..

Just then, she looked down and saw her friend, the Sparrow, lying Dead near her. The Sparrow‘s chest was punctured with holes and he lay in a pool of blood………….

The White Rose, then realised what had happened…….. During the night……, the Sparrow had come to the White Rose softly and with the thorns on her own stem, he had punctured his Chest and then flapped his wings and let his Blood sprinkle all over the White Rose and Color it RED………….

Then after he has shed all his blood and made his White Rose, RED, he Died on the ground next to her.



If You Love Someone Trully from your Heart, You will Do Anything for your Friend.

Please my dear Friends, be Honest and True in your Friendship. GOD has given us Friends to help us go through our Lives, to talk to, to confide in, to help us, to comfort us…………..DO NOT LOSE SUCH GOLDEN FRIENDS…. TREASURE THEM TILL THE END.

I want to say One Person specially that Thanks for being my Sparrow in My life….!! But never hurt yourself to change me or fulfill my wish just live with me.



  1. Love is Giving ! It’s correct, but we must be conscious in proceeding. And try to find out the best solution to make the happiness both.

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