Women – A god’s great creation

This is in respect to all the women of this world on “International day of women – 8th March” By hearing the woman, the whole universe can be imagined. From time immemorial, woman is always known for the divine qualities – Selflessness, Forgiveness and Love.

It is told that behind every successful man, there is a women. “But in my case, it is the reverse. (But am I successful..??  hope I will be).” A mother can struggled through the difficult years post the death of her husband, when I was a boy. she lived alone for three years, in her age of 60s, when her child got  into post graduation in at a far away place. A sister is always supportive and caring. A wife left her high earning job just to marry me and to be with me. Even during her labour pains, she did not forget to ask whether her husband had taken his breakfast.A daughter has come to my life to fill it with joy and happiness.So A woman is Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter all role can play by a single person with joy and faithfully.

Imagine, where a men would have been, without these.

The amount of influence they had in shaping up men’s mind and injecting kindness to men’s overall personality can not be described with words.If Holy Mother Shri Sharada Devi was not there, then there would have been no “Swamy Vivekananda“. She is the one to Give Sanyasatva to Swamy Vivekananda. She is the one who approved Swamiji’s plans to go USA.On this international day of women, I urge all men to give the three things that a woman deserves  –

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  • Love
  • respect
  • and Admiration.

Physiologically, women are more evolved than men. But it is true that physically they are a little weak than men. But I bet mentally they are not. Imagine a big truck. It is very powerful, but it needs a tiny key to start it.

It is also true that women sometime need men’s support. But just because Stephen Hawking needs a chair’s support all through the day, the chair does not share the greatness of Stephen Hawking. 🙂 Many guys say that women are so unsteady and unpredictable. If men had such hormonal variations, such a level of stress to handle, and such a level of varied physiological differences to handle, men would either have gone nuts, or would have been extinct centuries ago.

On this International day of women, All the women of this world, please take a bow. I strongly oppose idiotic female feticide that is rampant in India. This is for such thinkers –

“If you have a son, he may help you when you are dead (by performing the last rituals). But if you have a daughter, she will help you when you are alive.”

I also strongly oppose any overpowering of women in whatsoever sense, by men. Like I said, women only deserve love, respect and admiration.

At the same time, I urge the women to keep your real nature of selflessness, love and forgiveness alive, to make this earth  the best place to live. As you might well be knowing, world is craving for these three Divine virtues.


5 Replies to “Women – A god’s great creation”

  1. Thanks for such lovely comments 🙂 and this post is awesome..really loved reading each line … be like this …dwn 2 earth and lovable 🙂

  2. I loved this very much! Thanks a lot Harshal! Also thanks for remembering Sarda Mataji! She is a true Mother of all! Thanks for sharing this post! I really really loved this! 🙂

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