LOVE is the basic ingredient which forms the basis of all life on earth. It is a feeling which cannot be quantitatively measured or qualitatively analyzed but which nevertheless is vital for the coexistence of all forms of living beings on this planet. There are different kinds of love and it exists at different levels. Some of the most basic ones are:

Love between Parent and Children :

Love between parent and children forms the basis for any upbringing. It is not merely confined to the likes of upbringing but goes a long way in deciding the emotional quotient of an individual. There are several ways in which parents can show their affection and love to their children, some of them are:

  • Say ‘I love you’ to your Child:
    These three simple plain words can lend a huge assurance to your children. Although many would argue that saying is not everything, but saying conquers half the battle! The words bridge the emotional gap which exists between parents and their children. A simple “I love you” goes a long way toward developing and then strengthening a relationship.
  • Develop Small Rituals
    It is always better that you develop some rituals such as having meals together or a bedtime stories or a game of baseball with your kid. Such a gesture makes him / her believe that you as a parent are always beside him / her.
  • Look out for One-On-One Opportunities:
    One-on-one opportunity asserts your care for your kids and also gives them the confidence that you are there to listen to their problems and issues.Children feel lonely and depressed when they feel that you are not paying attention to them. So clarify the point that they are the first priority in your life.
  • Be their Best Friend:
    Make yourself your Child’s Best Friend in the whole world. Understand their needs, respect their likes and dislikes and support them in their decisions.

Love between Siblings :

Love between siblings is something special that brings light in one’s life. It is special for it is teaches a lot of things such as:

  • It gives you a partner in who you can confide
  • Staying together during tough times
  • It gives a special person who is more than a friend
  • It also teaches sacrifice and conceding as it happens with the elder brother or sister among the siblings

Love between Life Partners :

Love between life partners is all about sharing and caring each emotion each responsibility whatever small it may be. It all about loving each other unconditionally, embarking on a journey of life, weathering the storms of life and enjoying the good times together.

Pet love :

People around the world like to have pets. Having a pet has numerous facets to it such as

  • Pets take the human mind off loneliness, grief, pain, and fear
  • They cause laughter and offer a sense of security and protection
  • They encourage exercise and broaden the circle of one’s acquaintances


2 Replies to “Love…..!!”

  1. Hello.
    Love makes everything better when expressed in actions and words.
    I am a poet who exists in the image of love. I live, eat, breathe love. Love is what I know, it’s what I write about, Love is who I am. Everything I do in this life comes from the influence of love. Love is even the ink for my pen and the muse for my poetry. When everything around us is withering in death, love remains eternal, everlasting. Love’s beauty remains the only living thing that cannot die at the doorsteps of death. © Andy David

    Very nice write-up.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

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