Live Fearlessly

How many times have you heard someone say that they are real, only to discover they were not revealing even half of who they really were on the inside? Ask yourself what areas in your own skin do you wish you had the courage to reveal to the world?

I believe that you must live your life without letting fear control you. Fear is a state of mind. Fear can come from many things. From something as small as a spider to something as big as a huge mountain. Living fearlessly means facing and overcoming your fears. Everyone has some fear. It affects some of us more that others.

If you face your fears, you will be able to overcome them. I was in a car accident several years ago where my vehicle was hit almost head on by another vehicle. One of my aunts told me that I would be afraid to drive again, because she was after an accident of her own. I decided that I would not be afraid. I told my self over and over that “I will not let fear control me”. I didn’t let fear come into my mind the very next time I got in a vehicle. I was never afraid driving.

I believe that fear is to a point a state of mind. If you start to dwell on something that makes you afraid, your fear will grow. I believe you can control your fear by telling yourself that “I will not let fear control me”.

Here are 9 key steps to living more fearlessly.

1)Admit Your Fears Then Move Forward : Occasionally, it can be our own fears that ignites us to react in an aggressive way which can lead to power struggles, defensiveness and the ability to communicate effectively. Once the truth is accepted, whether we see it first or other people point it out to us, the next step is to retrain your mind to think differently. Ask yourself why do you feel that way? Are you capable of doing better? Do you want to do better and have a happier life? You can.

2)Get Over Your Fear of Being Judged : Sometimes intentionally concealing your flaws to the public, could end up being the exact reason that makes it harder for other people to relate to you. People will judge you regardless if you are beautiful or plain; whether you say 100 words or none.

3)Take Risks With No Plan Before : When one rejection or the fear of it, intimidates most, use it as a stepping stone to accomplish your dreams and press on even harder. There is no room for failure or plan B in your rule book. When you work hard, dream big and ignore the naysayers. Even the haters will have no choice but to respect you.

4)Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin : Whether you like to glam it up or go for the more natural look, nothing beams confidence more, than a person who feels beautiful in their own skin. When you feel more solid mentally, it will show and you won’t have to feel the need to be what everyone else expects you to be. You can just be you.

5)Don’t Block Your Success : When opportunity knocks, answer the call proudly. Don’t waste time wondering if you are worthy of the opportunity and should accept it or not. You know who you are and what you are capable of. Your talent speaks volumes and a world of opportunities awaits you. Claim it.

6)Stick Around Good People With Good Intentions : Think back when you achieved a goal and all of the people who were involved with your success. Whether it was your mate, acquaintances, family, dear friends or a combination of them all, treasure and help them in return.

7)Use Your Power : Be the best you can be and then be even better than that! There are so many talents inside of you that are anxiously waiting to be used. You might have a natural capability to get others to share your vision, have great organization skills or maybe you’re more of the creative type. There is something you do well that can take your life in an entirely new direction. Go for it.

8)Love Hard or Don’t Love At All : Real love at times will give you the greatest joys and the hardest pains at some point in your life. It requires great risks, patience and will grow deeper over time. There are no multiple choices. It’s win or lose. Love commands you to face the real you, whether you are ready for it or not.

9)Stick To Your decisions : It’s wise to get advice from experienced people. However, what if they don’t think you can be as successful in more than one area? If you believe in your heart and can dream it, there is no reason to tell yourself that you can’t do it. There is nothing worse than being talked out of an impossible dream, than being talked out by yourself.

Living fearlessly leads to a lot more adventure in life. It gives you the opportunity to do things that a person with fear wouldn’t dare do. You will have more fun without fear.

Living fearlessly can also be dangerous. People without fear, will try anything, no matter how dangerous. They don’t have a fear of the danger they are putting themselves in. They don’t fear dying. They will attempt to do a lot of things that fear would keep them from doing. A person without fear, will put themselves in positions that could end with them dying or being permanently injured.

Living fearlessly has good points and bad points. You could get more enjoyment out of life without fear. But also without fear, you could cut your life short. I believe that there should be a limit to what a person chooses to do whether they are fearless or not. We all have common sense and we should use it once in a while.

We should not let the little things we fear keep us from living, but we also should not let the lack of fear cause us to do something stupid that will endanger us. Knowing the difference and following common sense can make for a very enjoyable life.

Living fearlessly is not a bad thing. Not until we take it to far and do something that a normal person would never think about doing. Living fearlessly adds adventure to life. Anyway you look at it, it is good.



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