What Do Girls Really Want on Valentines’ Day?

This has always been a headache for the guys, having to crack their brain just each and every year to come up with some creative gift ideas… And to be coming up with just more and new ideas is definitely not easy.

Running out of ideas?

Ha, what to do? Girls are after all just always more emotional when compared to guys. Valentines’ Day to them is certainly a day of great significant. And well, though Valentines’ Day is supposed to be a day meant for the both, the limelight would just be on them somehow, isn’t it? They just somehow seem to be the main lead on that very day.

So guys, I guess we just have to give it to them and since there isn’t much of a choice, why not we just make them happy? Well, when she is happy, happy will you just be too, isn’t it?

Afterall, they are not really playing hard to please. Just as like a kid whom will always be excited by the thought of receiving their birthday present, I guess they probably feel the same way too; just wanting to be showered and pampered by your entirety love on this very special day. They do behave like little kids at times, don’t they?

Hmmm… so what would a good gift just be?

Well, I would say that it is still always the thoughts behind the gifts that truly matter. It is definitely not the quality of the gift but more of that quantity of your love for her that you enclosed together with your gift that she wants to be receiving; that very message for her delivered together with the gift, expressing of your very love for her…

In fact the more personal the gift is, the more meaningful the gift will just be. If you have the artistic talent, by all means, make something for her. Hmmm… perhaps like some necklaces, a nice beautiful portrait of hers personally drawn by you or even a love song of your very own composition in a CD and etc. It is that creativity behind the gift. She will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort.

Don’t have such talents?

Well, at the very least, a bouquet of roses for her please. Don’t you ever have the thought of meeting her just empty-handed.

Roses have always been associated with romance. They are just always a good gift for expressing your very love for that someone. To be receiving one from you would definitely brighten up her day, especially on such a special day.

To be personally presenting them to her or getting the florist to deliver them for you? You can be surprising her in either way. But do note. If you are getting the florist to deliver them for you, make sure you personally write that message or delivery card. Your very handwriting and words will definitely bring about more sincerity, making the gift just more meaningful. Nonetheless, if you know what their favorite flower is and of which colors they like best, so much the better. It need not necessarily has to be roses.

But do note. Whatever flowers it is, each would resemble or carry a certain meaning with them. Their colors and nevertheless their numbers would all mean something. The very last thing that we would want is to be delivering all the wrong messages. You must be very sure of them. It is definitely worth spending some time to just find out to avoid making some fatal mistake. Once delivered, it is going to be very hard to take them back and all I can say to you is, Good Luck!

Well, other than the physical gift, the next best gift for her would be your Time and Attention. Or rather, I would say that this is of a more important gift.

No matter how busy you are, you have to make time for her; dedicating your full attentiveness to her. To be able to spend this very special day, this very special evening together with you would just beat anything else. This is definitely going to be the highlight and the best gift still that she will be looking forward to be receiving on Valentines’ Day. You are her precious, aren’t you?

So if you seriously really cannot make it for the date, please try to make alternative arrangement for the celebration, bringing forward or whatsoever. Never ever try to just do away without it. Don’t disappoint her. Though she may be saying that it is ok, believe me it is not…

And to be talking about spending the special evening together, dining will has to of course be at some nice cozy place. This is one expense you cannot run away from. Well, what to do, it is still the guy’s job to be doing the paying and settling the bill. Anyway, it need not has to be a very expensive restaurant. The key here is nice and cozy, a comfortable place to spending some very personal time together…

The best gift would still be your time. Make it a best evening for her… At the end of the day, when she is happy so will you right?



5 Replies to “What Do Girls Really Want on Valentines’ Day?”

  1. As I said before time is what I want for Valentine’s, time with the sweet man who has made a chose to spend his life with me.
    All of your thoughts are wonderful though and any man who thinks like this I am sure will have a very happy lady.

  2. lovely and points noted … 🙂 spending quality time not jsut on 14th what every day would / should be the best ideal gift anyone can ask for .. it goes same for a man tooo 🙂

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