I Love my India

Dear Friends,
India celebrates her 62nd Republic Day on 26th,January 2011.On this special occasion let us share the spirit of freedom.Let us bask in the pride of amazing lives and sacrifices of freedom fighters.


Republic Day Parade in Delhi is the main attraction of the Republic Day Festival.It is a military and cultural march which celebrates the implementation of the Indian Constitution in 1950 and celebrations begin by hoisting the National Flag and this is followed by military parade which starts in Raisina Hill in New Delhi and ends at Red Fort.

The  parade  is followed by a cultural parade with songs and dances from different regions of India which show the cultural richness  and diversity of the country.No wonder,the mood is festive and recreational.Variations in culture are displayed through colourful attires and folk dances.The traditional predominates along with a touch modernity reflected in the display of might[latest defence gadgetry and acquisitions],technology and capabilities of growth in various sectors.
The parade symbolises the might.the tableaux are predominated by cultural motifs.The touch of the local highlights the identity of the area.The celebration is thus a homage to the past,the region and the nation that is a true republic and imposes nothing.

I am a proud Indian and I love my India!Diversity is our legacy………

Harmony  our creed………

Unity our mission………..

Equality for all our goal.India is my motherland……….

A wonderful land of natural beauty,Where the mountains and rivers steal the hearts.With the Himalayas in the north,Indian Ocean in the south.Arabian Sea in the westAnd Bay of Bengal in the east!The religious tolerance and the harmony Numerous festivals bringing unity in diversity.I respect our tri-colur National Flag!Each colour has a specific meaning!The saffron colour stands for sacrifice and braveryThe white colour denotes peace The green colour is for prosperity!Ashoka Chakra in the middleIs a symbol of  progress and movement.Our National Emblem is designedAfter the Ashoka Pillar at Saranath!Inscribed at the base of the national emblemAre the words,Satyameva Jayate!Our National Anthem,Jan -Gana-ManaIs written by Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore!Mera Bharat Mahaan Hai!Let us enjoy,celebrate and relax.We are aware of our rights.But how much sincere are we in performing our duties?My dearies,a drop makes a difference!Please understand that a nation is made up of its people and their their success at both the individual and community level.This is what defines the success of the consttution.Let us unite  and work towards the progress of our country!Let us spread the message of Universal Peace and Harmony!Fill your hearts with love and compassion;Let’s make this world a more beautiful place to live in!Let us sing together…………….with pride in our hearts………

Saluting our National Flag………….

Saare Jahaan Se Acha…………….

Hindustan ….. hamara……………… hamara………………


I bow to you,My Motherland!

Jai Bharath! Jai Hind!


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