Which Blocked Chakras Are Causing Chaos In Your Life…?

Dear Friend,

Is your financial situation, relationships,or your physical and mental health crumbling down right before your eyes? Does it seem like every decision you make only leads to more stress and problems?

For many of us, our lives are filled with countless challenges,struggles, and painful experiences. Often times it may even feel as if you’re sitting in the backseat of a car, while your life is spinning out of control. However, what if I told you that the answer to all the pain,anxiety, and stress you’re experiencing could be solved by giving your body a simple tune-up?

What if I told you that by balancing your blocked chakras, you could easily grab the steering wheel and regain complete control of your life?

It may seem like I’m being overly simplistic, but nobody ever said life had to be so difficult. Each and every one of us has 7 chakras within our body, and these chakras are the keys to unlocking our true potential in different aspects of our lives. The goal is to have all 7 chakras in perfect harmony and balance, but even just opening up one blocked chakra can produce a tremendous positive impact…turning your entire life around.

Root Chakra

The root chakra deals with the feelings of security, stability, and the feeling that you are grounded no matter what situation you’re in. If your root chakra is blocked or under active, you probably feel very nervous, full of anxiety, and fearful. Moreover, you tend to feel very materialistic wanting more and being very resistant to changes around you, if this chakra is overactive. The bottom line is that you want your chakras to be in complete balance with one another not overactive or under active.

If you have symptoms of a blocked root chakra, there are ways in which you can unblock and allow the energy to flow freely. The root chakra deals with feelings of being grounded, therefore, you can use exercises in order to help strengthen the connection to the earth for the feeling of being grounded. By engaging in simple exercises you can help to unblock the root chakra.

First, relax as you stand straight your feet should be apart as much as your shoulders are, and your knees just slightly bent, and your palms should lean forward. Keep your body balanced so that the weight on your feet is distributed evenly, stay in this position for a few minutes.

Moreover, you can open the root chakra by touching the tips of your index finger to your thumb, and then concentrating on the root chakra which is just between the anus and the genitals; at this point you would chant LAM.

By doing a few simple exercises, you can have your chakras flowing in a more balanced way . The effects will be that you’ll feel no longer anxious, you’ll feel more grounded, and more welcomed wherever you are.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra deals with your feelings and your sexuality. When this chakra is flowing freely, you are able to express your emotions without being overly emotional. Someone with a balanced sacral chakra finds it natural to be intimate, passionate, and has no problems dealing with any part of their sexuality. Moreover, your feelings are grounded and you will not be too emotional or too closed off from your feelings.

An under active sacral chakra typically displays itself as someone who is very unemotional, does not appear very open to people, is not approachable and appears rather cold to people who come in contact with the person. On the other hand, if you tend to be overly emotional all the time, this indicates that you have an over active sacral chakra; you may feel extremely attached to people emotionally and sexually. Therefore, a blocked, under-active, or overactive sacral chakra is unhealthy not only for the individual, but for those that they come in contact with. This means it is advantageous for you and those that you are involved with to have this chakra opened and balanced.

You can balance and open your sacral chakra by placing your hands on your lap with your palms up on top of one another. Your left hand should be underneath your right, and the palm of your left hand should be touching the back of your right hand’s fingers. The very tips of your thumbs should touch as you concentrate on the sacral chakra, which is toward the lower back, and then chant of sound VAM. You can repeat this several times in order to balance the chakra and to begin feeling emotionally whole and well.

The seven major chakras are a rotating wheel of energy inside everyone. Those that are gifted and trained to perceive blocked chakras can help you to unblock them. However, this is something that you can do on your own with a little work and effort. When all of the seven major chakras are not in balance, the energy within is not flowing freely. This can lead to illness, fatigue, disease, and stress. Therefore, having your sacral chakra in balance with the other major chakras is vital to achieve wholeness.

Naval Chakra

When it comes to having high self-esteem, assertiveness, and feeling in control of your decisions, much of this has to do with the navel chakra. If you tend to be aggressive and domineering, this chakra is most certainly overactive. On the other hand, if you tend to be indecisive, timid, and never get what you want, chances are this chakra is under active. Assertiveness in a group should be something that comes quite naturally and easily, but if your navel chakra is blocked or unbalanced the opposite is often the case.

Exercises to Open the Navel Chakra

You can open your naval chakra with a few simple exercises,  which will help you achieve the self-esteem you desire and deserve. First of all, put your hands right at your stomach area which is the solar plexus. Your finger should join at the tips while pointing away from you. Next, crush your thumbs and keep your fingers straightened; now concentrate on the navel chakra which is located at your spine just above your naval. Chant the sound RAM. You can repeat this process several times in order for your chakra to be open and balanced.

By working to open the navel chakra,  you will begin to notice that your self-esteem gradually improves. You’ll also no longer feel timid and afraid to ask for what you want. When all seven major chakras are working in harmony you begin to feel better about yourself, your environment, and those around you. While chakras and their effects on your emotional health and well-being may seem like a new concept to you, they have been practiced for thousands of years in many other cultures. The truth is energy continually flows through your body via the chakras whether you know it or not, and regardless of whether you believe it or not.

Often because the chakras cannot be seen by the naked eye, it’s easy to discard them as not being real. However, you cannot see the wind, you cannot touch the wind, and you can’t even taste the wind, but there is no question that the wind and air is real. Therefore, if someone says “I don’t believe in the air.” it doesn’t change the fact that the air is around us and within us. The more you learn about the chakras, the more you will begin to understand how each and every one of the chakras are of utmost importance.

Attempting to unblock the navel chakra can be very difficult without a spiritual guru. Unfortunately, most people simply don’t have reasonable access to someone who can guide them in this practice. However, there is no reason why you can’t attempt to unblock your naval chakra or any of your other chakras on your own. I’ve actually stumbled across a systemized formula for unblocking each of the 7 chakras, and the best part is it can be practiced alone in the comfort of your own home.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra influences your interactions with other people, your affections, your compassion, your love, and your friendliness. If this chakra is under active you tend to be distant and cold with those around you. On the other hand, if this chakra is over-active you tend to suffocate others with your affections and love.

Opening the Heart Chakra

Because the heart chakra deals with relationships and love, it’s imperative that this chakra is open and flowing evenly rather than being under active or overactive. Luckily, you can work to open this chakra by doing exercises on your own.

Find a comfortable place in your room where you will not be distracted, sit on the floor with your legs crossed and sit up straight. Next, place your left hand on your left knee, and then place you your right hand just in front of the lower part of your breastbone, which is just above the solar plexus. Turn your mind to and concentrate on the heart chakra located at the spine level  where your heart is. Chant the mantra YAM. You can repeat this for several minutes each day, and eventually this chakra will gradually begin to open.

When the heart chakra is open you’ll begin to be in touch with your center of love, spirituality and compassion for other people. You will not only love others,  you will also love yourself, and be able to give as well as receive love. Moreover, this chakra helps to connect your spirit with your mind. For many reasons people tend to have problems with this chakra being closed.

Common reasons for a blocked heart chakra include:

  • Hurtful experiences in the past
  • A broken heart
  • Experiences of betrayal

Having a blocked heart chakra can also have physical health consequences. For example, heart disease is a common illness all around the world and this could easily be linked to the fact that many people’s heart chakra is not properly balanced.

Finally, when this chakra is opened you will no longer experience the fear of being hurt,  and unafraid of being unworthy of love. Chakra balancing is not a new concept and has been practiced for many years. However, it is just now making it’s way to the western world. Because of this most people find it difficult to find quality information on how to open their chakras.

Luckily, I do know of one online resource containing a systemized formula that has helped people all over the world open their chakras.

Throat Chakra

Do you ever feel that you are unable to express yourself while speaking to others? If so, your throat chakra could be closed. This chakra directly affects your self-expression and ability to communicate with others. People with a blocked throat chakra tend to be quiet, shy, and unsure of themselves. If however, you tend to speak nonstop and dominate the conversation while not listening to others this chakra may be overactive. Obviously, the key is to have this chakra balanced so that you can freely speak to others and express yourself without fear or hesitancy.

Exercises to Open the Throat Chakra

By engaging in simple exercises and concentration you can help open your throat chakra. First of all, your fingers should be crossed inside of your hands with your fingers facing the floor, your thumbs should touch slightly at the top of each other while pushing them in an upward motion. Next, you want to concentrate on the chakra which is located near the bottom portion of your throat. Finally begin to chant the sound HAM. This exercise can be practiced several times a day or week in order to open your throat chakra.

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra in the energy wheel within you and also deals with your level of creativity. If you are able to be creative with your speech, in writing, and other artistic outlets this chakra is balanced and working correctly. However, when the chakra is blocked or out of balance you tend to hold back on your expressions of creativity and speech. If as a child you are musically or artistically motivated, but somehow lost these abilities, it’s probably due to this chakra being out of balance. As a result, physical ailments can follow when this chakra is out of balance, which include throat pain, pain in the back, y hyperthyroidism, and an array of inflammation throughout the body.

While many people do not understand the seven chakras, often they visit their doctors for medical ailments. Many people may not realize that their condition could be a result of a blocked chakra such as the root chakra. On the other hand, others who have unblocked this chakra, and balanced their other chakras, have found they don’t seek medical attention as often as they used to because their energy field is flowing and in balance.

Third Eye Chakra

Even if you know little about the seven chakras, you’ve probably heard something about the third eye chakra. The third eye has become a major focus for many people, due to the fact that it deals with your inner vision, insight, as well as your intuition. If this chakra is flowing smoothly, you have no problem fantasizing, visualizing the big picture, and you have insight into the situations around you. However, if this chakra is under active you may have a hard time being able to think for yourself, and therefore rely on people of authority. Also, the way you think may be tied in with your beliefs, or you may find yourself confused much of the time. On the other hand, if you tend to hallucinate and live in a fantasy world where you are fantasizing more than living your life, this chakra is overactive.

Exercise to Help Open the Third Eye Chakra

In order to have your third eye chakra flowing freely, there are some exercises you can do on your own to help balance this vital chakra. First of all, place your hands just before the lower part of your breasts, your middle fingers need to stay straight and touch at the tops and point forward. The rest of your fingers should be bent and touching at the knuckles. Point your thumbs towards you with them touching each other at the top. Now concentrate on this important chakra which is located just above your eyebrows. When you are ready, begin to chant OM or AUM. Practicing this exercise daily will help to open and balance this chakra so that you can gain insight and intuition easily.

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra and is often linked to psychic ability. Moreover, when this chakra is balanced you find yourself being less selfish and  open to receiving guidance. Physical symptoms of this chakra being closed include headaches, eye strain, and even blurred vision. If you are afraid of success, it is likely this chakra is out of balance. When the third eye chakra  is balanced, you don’t feel attached to materialistic things, and you may have insight to different experiences such as telepathy.

Finally, when your third eye and the rest of the chakras are balanced, you will experience complete harmony due to your energies flowing in a balanced way.

Crown Chakra

The seventh major chakra is the crown chakra. This chakra deals with the feeling of being one with the world and about wisdom. When this chakra is balanced and open you have no prejudices. You will also be very aware of both the physical and spiritual world. If you are not aware of your spirituality and are often rigid in your thinking, this chakra is most likely under active. On the other hand, if you intellectualized everything or are only concerned with spirituality while ignoring your wordy needs, this chakra is overactive.

Exercises to Help Open the Crown Chakra

As with all the chakras, there are exercises that you can do on your own to help you open the crown chakra. To get started, place your hands at stomach level and let both ring fingers point up, allowing them to touch at the top. Next, you’ll want to cross the rest of your fingers, with your left thumb being under your right thumb. Holding this position concentrate your mind on the Crown chakra which is located at the top of your head, and chant or say the sound NG.

The crown chakra deals with wisdom, energy, thoughts that flow easily, spirituality, and your enlightenment. When this chakra is in balance, you feel  connected to God, but are still concerned with your physical body. If this chakra is out of balance or blocked you may feel frustrated, black joy, and even feel destructive to yourself or others. Several physical illnesses can follow when the Crown chakra is blocked, these include depression as well as headaches and severe migraines.

Many people find the chakras confusing and therefore, may choose to believe they are not real. However, there are many things that humans cannot touch, taste, or see that are indeed real.  Therefore, if you are feeling physically ill, spiritually disconnected, and frustrated with life in general consider the possibility that your chakras may be out of balance, blocked, under active, or over-active.



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  2. Thank you for this info! So I think all my chakras are open, but I have constant back pain. Is that something I should be worried about? (Also I’m only 19 so I really shouldn’t have back pains like these).

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