Life is just one big gamble

Life is just one big gamble – I am convinced of it. Although such as philosophy is generally alien to me, I found myself in a situation the night before beginning this Page which really got me thinking.

It was Sunday evening. I had stopped working only to sleep in the previous seven days. I had arranged to meet a friend for a joy – something unfortunately came up, however, and he couldn’t make it.

Alone, therefore – and tired – I began seriously rehearsing my skills and smoking one cigarette after another (outside the home, of course!) When I heard the familiar strains of, “The Gambler,” by someone, it was probably the catalyst which really got me pondering the meaning of life

What Did Life Deal you Today?

What do you think of when you think of gambling? Poker? Roulette? Betting on sports’ results? That is how most people would consider gambling and those are some of the things they would most associate with same. In my new role as a philosopher, however, I am going to expand gambling to a wider field. I am going to explore the ways in which each one of us gambles in our day-to-day life – most often without realising it – and how the outcome can often be far more serious than losing a bundle at the table…


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