The spiritual place

I hope the pages in this section of my web site will be a source of encouragement, inspiration, and love for everyone.  I am dedicating this very “special” place to someone very dear to me and to whom I have always admired and looked up to with much respect and love.

This article is a dedication to my dear friends, who are myEarth Angels.”  This is my way of telling them “Thank You” for being the wonderful persons that they are and I hope that God‘s love will always shine down on them.

There are so many people whose hearts seem to be so very heavy and need to be filled up with hope.  There are hearts that have been squashed down, stomped on, flattened out from lack of care or from thoughtless deeds done to them, or are shriveled and dying from lack of encouragement.  It brings me much happiness to share a few words with those hurting hearts that will hopefully help bring a little bit of comfort or meaning into their lives.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much God has blessed my life over the years.  The only thing I can say for certain is that my life would not be the same if I did not have them in it.  They have helped me through so many trials and tribulations over the years and has touched my life in many different and wondrous ways.

I would like to share with you a verse I once read many years ago.It has always been an inspiration to me and I hope it will be to you also.It goes something like this:

“Life is like a tapestry.  The bottom faces the earth and the top faces heavenward. God can see the beauty of the work He is doing and the picture as it is completed.  All that we on earth can see are the knots and loops on the back side. When we get to heaven,we can then look down on the tapestry and see it all complete and it will be very beautiful.  It takes faith in Christ to be able to live with the knots down here.”

I find a tremendous amount of meaning in this little verse.  Life really does seem to be so full of “knots” and “loops.”  It can sometimes be filled with much sadness, disappointments and difficulties.  But we should all try to remember that it is all those hard times that builds strength and character in us.  Every “loop” and “knot” can become a learning experience.  Every experience we have has a meaning or a purpose, and life on earth is made up of many meaningful experiences.  That is the way God planned it.

We might find it very difficult sometimes to accept God’s judgement and are unable to understand what all the “knots” and “loops” represent, but God does know what He is doing and we have to really try to keep our faith in Him and to totally trust Him.

I will admit that there have been many dark days during my lifetime that I had to really search for their hand.  Sometimes it would take a very long time, but somehow, I always managed to find it.  God has always had a lot of patience with me and I know He loves me just as He does everyone else.

I also believe that our different experiences will usually leave some sort of impact on the world around us.  Other lives can be touched as a result of our responses to these traumas we go through.  If we accept these things as the “Will of God,” our lives can be enriched to reach out or to touch other lives with more sensitivity, compassion, and a deeper understanding.  You cannot dry the tears of others who weep unless you have cried yourself.

So as contradictory as it may sound, I believe that all the physical pains, troubles, griefs, and heartaches that we all have to go through at different times of our lives, can actually be deep spiritual experiences for us.  Our “afflictions” may really be “gifts” sent in disguise, but we so very often fail to recognize them as such.  God has His own way of doing things that are only best for us.


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