The Magic of Life

The other day, I was asked, “What is the magic of life?
You need to think about this, then put your thoughts on paper and write.”

So here I am, taking this advice to heart,
mentally scanning and checking my emotions for a start.

To me, the magic of life is each breath that you take,
so you can smell the beautiful flowers or enjoy a serene lake.

The magic of life is to enjoy all living creatures big and small,
and to feel a sense of awe to the wonder of it all.

Living the magic of life is to laugh, cry and smile,
and to show love and compassion at all times, not just for a while.

Experiencing the magic of life; success and failure hand in hand,
but then to rise above, to take full command.

Remembering the magic of life is to know
that everything is connected, friend or foe.

Teaching the magic of life is our biggest challenge now,
to have self-love and respect for Mother Earth, is how.

The magic of life evolved with a spark from our Source
to provide our souls for greater growth, of course.

Day to-day living should be positive and true,
you should always be serious about discovering you.

By walking your path and fulfilling your destiny this time,
is truly the magic of life and your spirit will always shine.



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